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Fuel-Saving Tips

As consumers, our major concern with fuel is usually how its high prices are affecting our wallet, but we also need to realize that our increasing demand for fuel also causes damage to our environment.

We may not be able to control gas prices, but we can control our driving habits.
Here are some gas saving tips that can help lessen your fuel consumption and its impact on the environment, not to mention save you some serious money!

Drive responsibly. Aggressive or erratic driving uses an astonishing amount gas. This includes speeding, heavy braking, and rapid acceleration. Each decrease the fuel efficiency of your vehicle.

Excess weight. Do you use your car for extra storage? The extra weight your vehicle carries goes against your fuel economy. Make it a habit to clear out non-essential items from your vehicle on a regular basis - every bit counts.

Keep Tires Properly Inflated. Poorly inflated tires cause drag that negatively impacts on fuel economy, safety and also wear of on the tire itself.

Plan your day to avoid short trips. Plan your day so that you'll use the car as little as possible. Making lists before you head out shopping can save you added trips throughout the week. Engines use more fuel when they are cold and most short trips you make will be run purely in "cold" mode. Fuel tends not to be burned efficiently which also results in more toxic/greenhouse emissions that are harmful to our environment.

Carpool. If you drive your kids to school, sports, dance or other activities, try to arrange a carpool. This can sometimes cut your trips in half, saving you a lot of gas, mileage, and wear and tear on your car.

Fuel octane levels. Using the incorrect octane level fuel in your vehicle can negatively affect fuel economy and the engine itself. Check with your car manufacturer or mechanic as to what is the best octane level for your car.

Warming up your engine. Most of us, especially if we have the automatic start feature, like to warm up our car for a while before we get in. Check with your mechanic or dealership about how long your car needs to be warmed up before driving – some may only be 30-45 seconds. The longer you leave it idling, the more gas you are wasting.

Electric accessories. If it's powered by electricity, it will impact your gas usage - this includes air conditioners, heaters, stereos, headlights, power seats, dvd players, etc.

These simple changes to your driving habits will have a positive impact on your wallet and the environment.

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