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Celadon Road eco-friendly lunch kit and children's book on green living
It’s Great to Grow Up Green: Think Green! is a book written to inspire our youngest generation. Teaching children how to keep our earth clean and safe by thinking and acting green, the book includes an empty page for them to note how they will help the environment. More than that, it’s one of the first illustrated children’s book that is produced with eco-friendly materials . In addition, it is an author-signed copy! (A $22 value)

Introduce Sustainability into the School Cafeteria. Do your part and help stop consumer waste with these handy reusable, waste-free lunch kits for kids. Each unique kit comes with a recycled cotton sack, cloth napkin, food-grade stainless steel beverage bottle, a food cozy and two food-grade stainless steel food containers.  (A $48.00 value)

If you are looking for ways to be green and to earn some extra green, you can become a Celadon Road Consultant - we have two kits from which to choose.  It’s a great way to promote healthier living, and to earn extra income!  We even have recycled product catalogs – we want to reduce our carbon footprint!  For details, click here.  


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