Recycled / Upcycled Picture Frame - Christmas Craft

If you're like me, you have oodles of old picture frames in the attic, in storage, or in the garage.  Why not re-purpose and "upcycle" them for your holiday decorating?  If the frames are scratched up, you could easily add ribbon, or paint them in a color of your choice, and you could even add glitter! And, if you don't have a picture frame, you could make one out of a couple of wooden yard sticks or rulers by cutting them to size and gluing the edges.  You could also use cardboard pieces, or measure and cut a frame out of a cardboard box, or a cereal box.  Then, you could use craft pain, ribbon, and glitter to make it pretty! Be sure to let the glue dry completely before hanging your frame. The options are endless when it comes to making frames.

Well, now that you have your fabulous frames all prettied up and ready to go, whatever shall you do with them?  Use them to display Christmas ornaments, Christmas cards, Christmas stockings, or other things that don't look quite right just hanging on the wall by themselves.  You can even reuse holiday wrapping paper for the background for your frame.

 I found some examples of uses for the frames that are fun and functional.  Click on the pic to go to the website to see how-to's and more info.  Happy framing!

Frame Pics

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