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Your Skincare Routine

There is much more to skincare than washing, drying and occasionally putting on some moisturizer.  While routine skincare doesn't have to be complicated, proper skincare goes much deeper than what you put on your face.  Learn some tips to keep you glowing with health and help you avoid mistakes that could harm or prematurely age your skin. 

Hydration Drinking adequate amounts of water will increase the health and luster of your skin and eyes.  Water helps to flush out the toxins in the body and eliminate the pollutants that are present in the bloodstream, and makes up for dehydration suffered by the body when exposed to summer sun and perspiration.  Drinking 64oz per day is suggested, however, increase amounts if you are exposing yourself to the summer heat.  

Nutrient-Dense Diet  Feed your skin from the inside out by getting adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals. Health supplements are good, but nothing really compares with the nutrition that can be derived from fresh fruits and vegetables. Ensuring that adequate nutrition is provided in your diet will have phenomenal effects upon the natural beauty of your skin.  Be sure to include balanced amounts of protein, healthy fats (such as omega-3 fish oils or flaxseed oils), complex carbohydrates, and fruit in your diet.

Exercise  Exercise should play a vital role in your skincare regimen, as well. Working up a good sweat keeps nutrient-carrying blood circulating throughout your body.  It draws the blood to the surface of the body taking nutrients to the skin cells and helping to rid the body of toxins.  People who are prone to stress related spots and pimples will find that when they adopt an exercise program, the overall benefits will be a clearer complexion as the pores become unclogged due to the increase in sweat produced.

Avoid Chemicals in Your Skincare  The average person slathers, lathers, rubs and sprays more than 10 different skin care products on his or her body each day and since skin acts more like a sponge than a barrier, we absorb the nearly 130 chemicals we regularly expose ourselves to.  Avoiding lotions, creams and make up that contain chemicals is very important.

Say No to Fragrance  A loophole in federal law doesn't require companies to declare any of the dozens of toxic chemicals that a single product's fragrance mixture could contain. Artificial fragrances, which frequently contain phthalates, can also trigger allergic reactions and other health problems. Be mindful of the hidden dangers that "fragrance" or "parfum" listed on ingredients labels can pose.

Sidestep the Petrochemicals Petroleum byproducts are used to make emollients for face cream or found in the form of coal tar for scalp-treatment shampoos and can be contaminated by cancer-causing impurities. Petroleum is a nonrenewable and environmentally unfriendly resource that runs your car.   Do you really want to put it on your skin? Petroleum appears on labels as petrolatum, mineral oil, and paraffin.

Choose Organic Beauty and Grooming Products  Organic ingredients are those grown without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides, which is healthier for the planet and our bodies.

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